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              Contacting the Special Education Department

              Deptartment of Special Education 体彩官方app是真的吗

              Main Office 体彩官方app是真的吗Phone:  847-689-6333
              Fax: 847-689-7478
              Location:  North Chicago Community High School, Room # D105
              1717 Seventeenth St., North Chicago, IL 60064

              Shalema Francois-Blue, Director of Special Education
              [email protected]
              Office: (847) 505-7212

              Carrie Modra, Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator
              Green Bay Early Childhood Center
              [email protected]
              Office: (847)-775-7126

              Dorothy Bowman, Assistant Director of Special Education
              Middle and High School
              [email protected]
              Office: (847) 505-7244

              Nikki Kirkwood, Assistant Director of Special Education
              Elementary Schools
              [email protected]
              (847) 505-7243

              Carol DuClos, Off Campus Placement Coordinator
              Early Childhood & Elementary School
              [email protected]
              Office: (847) 505-7246

              Paula Miller, Off Campus Placement Coordinator
              Middle School and High School
              [email protected]
              Office: (847) 505-7246

              Ruth Windmon, RN Health 体彩官方app是真的吗 Coordinator
              [email protected]
              Office: (847) 505-7245

              Brian Britto, Bilingual Interpreter (Spanish)
              [email protected]
              Office: (847) 505-7239

              Erica May – Administrative Assistant
              [email protected]
              Office: (847) 505-7240

              Brisbia Zavala – Administrative Secretary
              [email protected]
              Office: (847) 505-7241

              Areas Covered by this Department:

              • Accommodations and Modifications for Student as per their IEP
              • Behavior Interventions and Discipline Policy and Procedures for Students with Disabilities
              • Case Study Evaluations to see if a student is eligible or continues to be eligible for Special Education
              • Disabilities qualifying a student for Special Education
              • Early Childhood Special Education Programs
              • 体彩官方app是真的吗bound or Hospital Tutoring 体彩官方app是真的吗 for Students with IEPs
              • IEP – Individualized Education Plan (for student who is eligible for Special Education)
              • Instructional and Resource Special Education Programs, Ages 3 through 21 years of age.
              • Medicaid Claims and Reimbursement Program for the District
              • Out of District Schools for students with special needs that have IEPs
              • Parents/Guardians Rights to Procedural Safeguards on Special Education- document in English, Spanish and other languages
              • Preschool Screening Process for Possible Special Education Needs
              • Private/parochial schools regarding student evaluations and special needs
              • Referral Information for testing children, ages 0-2.7 yrs. of age to Lake County Child   and Family Connections (CFC)
              • Related 体彩官方app是真的吗 such as counseling, social work, speech/language, occupational therapy, hearing impaired itinerant, physical therapist, special transportation, health, etc.
              • Requesting or referring a child for a case study evaluation to consider special education services from 2.5 years of age and up.
              • Requesting Student Special Education Records and Staff information for SSI Disability Application
              • Revoking parent/guardian permission for a student’s special education placement or IEP services
              • Special Education District of Lake County (SEDOL) Programs and 体彩官方app是真的吗 partner
              • Special Education Procedures adopted by the Board of Education – Copies are available in English and Spanish.  Explanations are available if requested by parent or guardian.
              • Student Records Management for Children with Special Needs/IEPs
              • Special Transportation for students with special needs and an IEP
              • Speech/language evaluation or services
              • Special Education Evaluations, Classes, Programs, 体彩官方app是真的吗 and Staff
              • Transfer In or Out Process for a Student with a current IEP for Special Education
              • 体彩官方app是真的吗 or Speech/Language 体彩官方app是真的吗
              • Transition 体彩官方app是真的吗 for qualified students with IEPs for ages 18 through 21 years of  age who have not graduated yet.


              If you have questions, concerns or requests pertaining to special education programming, please refer to the guidelines below:
              Request for Evaluation: If your child is not currently a special education student and you would like to request an initial special education evaluation, please contact your child’s teacher or the psychologist in the building that your child attends. The psychologist will explain what options are available to help your child, including the procedures for making a referral.

              Status of Initial Evaluation: The district is required to complete the evaluation and hold a team meeting to present the evaluation results and determine eligibility for special education within 60 days of the parental consent for testing. If your child has already been referred for an initial evaluation and you have questions about the status of the evaluation, please contact the psychologist in your child’s school.

              Case Management: If your child is currently an identified special education student and you have questions or concerns about his or her IEP, special education services or current educational progress, please be aware that a case manager (typically a special education teacher or related service provider) will be assigned to your child. The name of this case manager will be communicated to you at the beginning of the school year. However, please also be aware that the psychologist or building administrator in your child’s school can tell you who your child’s special education case manager is.

              NOTE: If you do not receive a response to any inquiry within 24 hours, please contact the Administrator assigned to your child’s school. If you continue to have questions or concerns, please contact the Special Education Department at (847)-689-6333.

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